"The Internet is such a great thing, I bet no one 20 years ago could possibly imagine a homeless person using it. It should also make you think not to just stereotype us as drug addicts; the last thing you would think when you see us is philosopher." - Jesus

Jesus the Hobo is an illegal alien (from Boston), a hobo, a transient, a homeless person living in Seattle. Jesus and his friends here at Homeless in Seattle are Hobloggers, or "hobo-bloggers". Here you will find sociopolitical topics, the mundane, observational and situational humor - pretty much everything as it relates to the impoverished or underprivileged members of society. And the idle things we do to pass the time in between panhandling and getting wasted.

"We shit our pants on a regular basis. It's okay, I'm lactose intolerant..I spend my food stamps on milk and bread. And since I eat lots of government cheese (which is not real cheese), it doesn't bother me much...mostly because government cheese is a hallucinogenic drug. Therein lies the conspiracy against us," Jesus laments.

Jesus the Hobo is the shock blogging mastermind of Dr. Julio Grumbles of Projectjulio.com and Static of Krapsody.com This blog is pure satire and should not be taken seriously, unless you're a complete fuckwit and have nothing better to do with your time - then please, troll us with your comments! =)

Contributors include:

Jesus the hobo



Rafael Clarkstein

Black Santa Claus

and occasionally, if he feels like it, MEasterBunny.

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