Monday, August 29, 2011

Cool Things I Post on Facebook Since I'm Such a Pimp

Der Übermensch is pretty frickin cool. Although the value of shaving your balls with a tuna can lid should not be underrated. You never know when that skill may come in handy.

Still, I think I should probably have included my 'likes' for First Aid For Dummies and Eunuchs Anonymous pages in that screenshot.

But first I must shave my balls with a tuna can lid. After absorbing tip #391, I believe my knowledge on the complex subject is quite thorough now.

During the intermission, here's a dog raping a cat to porn music:


  1. Fuck that dirty El Gavino cunt rag right up his nostrils; anyone who reads that shit should get a gun shoved in their face and blown away because he is Satan incarnate. Fuck you for liking that prick. All he blogs about is raping Jews and fisting midgets. And strangely, it makes me cum. Fuck.

  2. Ah yes, a tuna can lid can be a very practical item for shaving your balls. Although, my preference is an opened tin of corned beef. That's when the key actually works on said tin and doesn't break off half way around said tin....

  3. @El Gavino So in other words you like autofellating yourself?

  4. @klahanie Good point. Tuna can lids can be damaged when they are removed. Also even if they are removed properly, most can openers leave wavy portions around the edge of the tuna can lid...or just as bad: metal shavings. Corned beef tins are no different. This has provided quite the challenge for those of us who have been shaving our balls with them. This requires expertise knowledge in first aid so as to prevent infection in case you nick your balls in the procedure.

  5. Oh, I don't know. Is it "consensual" if you are tied down before we shave your balls with a tuna can lid? Frankly, it doesn't even have to be a tuna can lid. We could use the sharp edge on a sheet of paper to do the job. Because we just make it up as we go. That's how talented we are.

    p.s. paper cuts on your balls are still +1-2 damage compared to Tuna Can Lid +2-3 damage to your hitpoints. lols kthxbai!


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