Monday, March 28, 2011

"Turtles All The Way Down"

Hey folks! Having problems staying awake in your 12-hour day of drudgery for pennies on the dollar just to watch your fat cat corporate bosses get rich off the fruits of your labor?

Well you're in luck!

Considering that our friendly, socially aware, and morally conscious federal government has decided to cut spending on fighting methamphetamine production--YOU can score a few tons of the crap to keep you up for weeks--For nothing but your entire lifetime income!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Ahhh...isn't the American Dream just grand?

May this not be the fate of all Daryl Krogen's nationwide from this day forward.



  1. Gee, Cookie Monster looks a lot taller than he typically does on television. Are there camera tricks and platform shoes involved in this image?

  2. i've heard that meth is really hard on the teeth.

  3. Does that gun fire ping pong balls? The flinching fellow looks as if he expects to catch one in his mouth.

  4. This is indeed a sexytime discussion on the government's dismissal of the largest-growing drug in America: anti-government spending. You see, in the minds of a tea-partyer, when the government spends money, it simply disappears, and does not go to government employees, or contractors, or construction workers. No, it just vanishes into thin air. And it is this addictive substance known on the streets as "Tea-Rex" that is truly america's biggest threat, second only to internet memes/mimes.

  5. I'll have you know that mimes are a huge threat. That is a terrorist group that is worth every gajillion pennies of defense spending to date.

  6. @ Gorilla Bananas the gun fires flares, which the flincher is moments away from catching in his mouth. That's one hot tamale!

  7. Was that news story for real or a Saturday Night Live episode; reporter looked cooked too.
    Cookie monster is usually half hidden by a trash can... big can. They don't to scare the little kiddies, lol. Ummm, mewant coookie..


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