Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inanimate Objects Love Me Even if You Don't

(click to embiggen)


  1. Me no here. Me go bye. Leave me message. Me reply.

    I think I've heard that in a song before. Kinda catchy, like herpes.

    Anyway, after I embiggened the picture of your back and forth tweeterings and whatnot, I began to experiment with the 'empty artillery shell up to the ear' thing and I only heard the many mumblings of an insane old man- but there was no one around. Hmmm. Odd, I thought, and then I ran down the street, naked and full of hope that our world would embrace notions of peace.

    When I fell and accidentally sodomized a young ferret, I knew humanity's fate was sealed.

  2. Those "mumblings of an insane old man" are words of wisdom from the great prophet Muhammad. Do not take them lightly, for your very life and establishment of peace depends upon them.

  3. I wonder what happens when you put a live artillery shell in your butt? Maybe this.


Me no here. Me go bye. Leave me message. Me reply.

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