Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa's Prostate Exam

The life of a homeless mall Santa is tough.


  1. I had a girlfriend who had her coochie peered into by this guy who said he was a doctor (some dude on the street) during a routine cunt exam. He found that exact same little guy in there, too, that you have pictured. I guess he had been hiding from the cops or something.

    No wonder the sex was so good. He must have been helping out while I was merrily thrusting away.

  2. wait til you turn 50, then the fun begins.

  3. Oops, speaking of prostrates, after my doctor removed the rubber glove, I told him if things didn't work out as a doctor, he could always get a job at Customs.

    Have to see a urologist on New Years Eve. Talk about taking the piss!!!

    1. Sounds like you took a shit, actually. You shit a proctologist and called it a day. You da man!


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