Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home is where the heart is; in my case, that's the corner of 16th ave.

I didn't ask to be homeless...
okay, so maybe selling pot
to high school kids
with diseases and
who were mentally handicapped
wasn't the best idea. AND
she said she was 18. And maybe I shouldn't have brought
a credit card with me to Vegas. Or to Atlantic City. Or
talked to that loan shark
with the eye patch and
the missing teeth and
4-fingers on each hand,
of which he had one.
What was I thinking...
when I dropped out of High School, and then
community college, and then
regular college.
That drug conviction prevented me from
getting federal school loans. The gambling prevented me from
getting regular loans. And the girl...well, let's just say that I'm not
sorry, nor am I not
allowed within 500 feet of a school, park or
her house or
her parent's house or
my parent's house


  1. Interesting prose, Jesus!

    Why, yes I know...because I am you!

    Dammit! Holy cwap. That's right, Jesus. I'll have to get some friends to post witty comments in here!

    In the meantime I have some haikus that I wrote to share with..well..myself, since no else is here to read thems!

    This one is called,
    'The Library Computer Part I'

    Serious error.
    All shortcuts have disappeared.
    Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

    and this one is
    'The Library Computer Part II'
    Having been erased,
    The document you're seeking
    Must now be retyped.

  2. And what about this one:

    'The Library Computer Part III'
    Surfing for hobo porn
    the computer froze
    Mrs. Librarian has caught me



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