Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poetry written on the sidewalk with dried animal feces

the Travelling Poet

I can't afford chalk, so don't balk
at using a thesaurus
rex, king of synonyms and creator of
faux poetry, symmetry without humility,
think you're the best poet, you know it, everyone
pretends to know it, and I know
that you're a hack in an Ivy League wrapper
and everyone knows that wrappers are meant to be
thrown away.



1. water
2. newspaper
3. poo
4. a good idea
4a. preferebly an idea with greater substance and meaning than a goddamn flowery meadow.
4b. preferebly something with a social or philosophical impact, like homelessness for instance, as opposed to some melodrama about a dying relative or some tragic isolated event. How about: a homeless man of color dying from cancer that they got from Agent Orange while serving in the Army during the Vietnam War - how's that for impact?
5. Pre-poem regarding the content of the current poem's outline:
Remember that Chronic issues, long-term problems and future tragedies
are often overlooked
and ignored.
Leave accidents, catastrophes and despicable criminal
acts to the local
more after this commercial break

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  1. This Article Sponsored By: Donald Trump - owner and CEO of Trump Towers Atlanta, which once completed after this despicable credit crunch will never be used for public housing. EVAR.


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